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On October 11 we’re taking over Times Square with New Moon Girls and the Brave Girls Alliance! We know that gender-stereotyped media, toys and products are a risk to healthy and empowered girlhood. As a founding partner of the new  Brave Girls Alliance we ask you to join a worldwide campaign that will start in Times Square.

We can only make this happen if we all contribute what we can to reserve a Times Square electronic billboard to beam our messages to the world every 15 minutes for seven days!

Why a Times Square billboard?

  • 1.5 Million Pedestrians Daily
  • 50 Million Tourists per year
  • 56,000 cars daily
  • #1 Global Branding Location
  • Home to ads from many media and toy companies

Starting October 11, the second International Day of the Girl, curated tweets and messages from Brave Girls allies will flash on a billboard on Times Square. We will display 40 messages/tweets per hour. Right in the heart of the world’s commercial media showplace. Can you imagine a better place to attract public attention and raise the issue of harmful gender stereotypes? I can’t.

And all those eyes will see constructive, proactive and very inspiring messages being displayed to millions and millions of people. Messages aimed at media, toy, and product creators, retailers, and major corporations.

Already, Brave Girls Alliance has raised $4,793.  But we still need your help to reach our goal of $25,000  by Sept 11 to rent our first billboard in Times Square! And when we meet the funding goal we have even more exciting plans to share with you for Oct 11! All  funding over this goal will be used to run similar campaigns in other media hotspots around the world. Click here to contribute!

What You Get

You will get the opportunity to have your opinion showcased in Times Square. This is the perfect opportunity for:

  • Parents, educators, girls and the people who love them that wish to express their views.
  • Experts and girl empowerment organizations wishing to contribute to the conversation.
  • Schools and Universities wishing to engage students in media literacy and showcase some of the opinions and ideas discussed in the classroom in Times Square.
  • Businesses and brands wishing to express their support for this initiative and indicate to our communities that you are interested and listening.

Please share this campaign on social media and encourage your friends to support it, too. Remember to express your voice and opinions using the hashtag #BraveGirlsWant on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media that you are a part of.

Check out Brave Girls Alliance to learn more and find other ways you can help.

Thank you for your support!

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